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Introducing Passage Tableware: Stronger, Lighter and More Functional

Introducing Passage Tableware: Stronger, Lighter and More Functional

A hot cup of tea or coffee can be a great start to a day in the outdoors; and a hearty meal can be the perfect way to end that day. To complement your barista or culinary skills you need cups, bowls and plates that you can count on – and with the Passage collection, Sea to Summit has created just that.

Better By Design

The Passage Collection is the lighter, stronger alternative to almost every traditional camp kitchen setup you’ve owned.

Built of EU food-grade standard, BPA-free glass reinforced polypropylene, Passage dinnerware is stronger and lighter than conventional camp plates, bowls and mugs. Sea to Summit’s innovative, intelligent design ensures that it is more functional, too.

The Passage Kitchen Collection's Key Features:

  • Cool Grip Fins: Moulded into the sidewalls of the plates, bowls and cups, the Cool Grip fins provide a heat-dissipating surface that can be held firmly. Which means that you can hold hot food or beverages securely and safely. Cool, right?
  • Stackable and nesting: Our design team precisely crafted each of the items to ensure that they stack together in the most space-efficient way. Dimensions were carefully chosen to permit the bowls and cups to nest inside our new Frontier cookware for optimum space usage inside a backpack or kayak hatch.
  • Simple, effective designs: The double-wall construction of the Insulated Mug keeps drinks hot or cold without bulky insulation. And the clip-together design of the Cutlery enhances the utility of the individual utensils. More about both of these in a moment.
  • Easy to clean, microwave and dishwasher safe: The glass-reinforced polypropylene creates a hard surface that is scratch resistant and easy to clean. The shapes of each item were carefully chosen with surfaces that could be washed and dried most efficiently. Passage dinnerware is dishwasher safe and also microwaveable – so you can reheat meals in your cabin, hostel or RV.
  • EU food-grade standard and BPA-free: Like all of our Camp Kitchen products, the Passage range is BPA-free and built to European Union food-grade standards.

    Passage Dinnerware: A key part of your camp kitchen

    Passage dinnerware was designed to nest with and complement our brand new Frontier cookware. Choose from the following to build your own ideal camp kitchen.

    Passage Bowls and Plates

    Simple, light and functional. Our Passage Bowls and Passage Plates feature Cool Grip fins for secure handling, steep sidewalls to prevent spills, and—handy for the hungry camper—a large radius curve that perfectly matches Sea to Summit cutlery. Why does that matter? It means no morsel is missed when you’re scraping away at the last of your hard-earned meal.

    The three sizes of Passage bowls and the plate have tall, vertical sidewalls that prevent spills and allow easy stacking. The large-radius curve between the sidewall and base matches Sea to Summit sporks and spoons perfectly, so you can enjoy every last morsel of your food. Cool Grip fins on the outside of the walls let you hold onto even really hot meals safely and securely.

    Passage Cups and Mugs

    The Passage Cup holds 355ml of your favorite beverage, while the Cool Grip fins on the sidewalls allow you to hold on to the cup securely. A silicone rubber sipping lid prevents spills when you’re on the move.

    The 475ml Passage Insulated Mug is a clever, double-walled design that keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold without the bulk of external insulation. Cool Grip fins allow you to grip the Mug firmly, while the press-fit lid keeps things spill-free.

    Clip-together Cutlery

    Passage Cutlery goes beyond the lightweight, durable and easy-to-clean features of the rest of the range. Designed to clip together—handle-to-handle—our Passage Cutlery conveniently converts its knives, spoons, forks and sporks to long-handle utensils which are ideal for reaching into a freeze-dried food pouch.

    Want to share the feast? The individual Passage Cutlery Sets cater to solo and duo travellers, offering six-, seven- and 14-piece sets. And of course, because simplicity is the name of the game, these utensils and cutlery also nest together for space-efficient storage.

    The Heart of a Great Cookset

    Two Frontier Cooksets feature Passage tableware: the 1.3L Ultralight One Pot Set includes the Small Passage Bowl and Passage Cup, while the 2.0L Ultralight One Pot Set utilises the Medium Passage Bowl and Passage Insulated Mug.

    Cook sets are a great way to begin building a comprehensive camp kitchen – you can add to them depending on your activity and group size.

    Your Meals, Your Adventure

    The Passage Kitchen Collection is designed for adventures from four-wheeled expeditions to backcountry backpacking trips. If you’re traveling in a larger group, three different colours makes it easy to separate items when more people are at the table. And – with Sea to Summit quality, Passage tableware will be with you on those trips for many years to come.

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