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Wenn ein Handtuch zum Reisekomfort wird... (ENG)

When a Towel Becomes a Creature Comfort on the Road...

Featured blog post by 2018 Brand Ambassadors Jen & Chad

When you are traveling around in a van for weeks, months or more, you start to become very aware of how much a little bit of “comfort from home” really matters, especially in 82 square feet of living space...

Home living means a hot shower every day and other creature comforts that we take for granted. Living on the road means that these things may not be easily available - or at least not as frequently. There are times when we may go three days without access to a shower, so we make do. Wilderness Wipes here, a spray shower there, or simply a natural water source along the way (we always practice Leave No Trace principles, and do not wash directly in streams or under waterfalls, even if we are using biodegradable Wilderness Wash). Nevertheless, we manage to keep clean one way or another.

Enter the Sea to Summit Tek Towels.

It became apparent exactly how much we love these towels over our annual 4th of July holiday trip to Crested Butte, Colorado.

We enjoyed plentiful single track mountain biking with some great friends and camped at Oh Be Joyful campground down by the river for most of the week - it was awesome as always. A cool dip in the Slate River can be very refreshing for sure!

But, oh the thought of a hot shower....it sticks with ya after a while of not having one. And that’s exactly why, when we get an invitation to hang with local friends and also use their shower, we don’t pass it up. That said, Sea to Summit makes an excellent and very packable Pocket Shower. I think we need to get one of those!

Funny thing is, when our friends offered us towels to shower with...we politely declined; “No Thanks, we’ll use our own towels...we love ‘em!”. That’s when you know your towels have become your go-to creature comfort in VanLife!“ Tek Towels are now included in our must-have gear list.

The best things about these towels is that they actually feel like a soft and plush bath towel that you would have in your house, and they are made in sizes large enough for women to feel comfortable using them (which Jen really appreciates). They've made it possible to bring a bit more comfort we are used to at home into the van and make it that much more enjoyable.

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