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New in our shop: 5 year guarantee when purchased via

Sea to Summit designs and manufactures high quality outdoor gear. We select the most sensible and innovative materials, build to exacting manufacturing standards, and test products according to a special and standardized Sea to Summit testing procedure.


If, contrary to expectations, an item you purchased from a Sea to Summit is found to be defective in materials or workmanship, Sea to Summit will repair or replace your product free of charge within the statutory warranty period. The two-year statutory warranty applies as standard to the original purchaser, subject to valid proof of purchase from our online store or a Sea to Summit authorized retailer.


For purchases made since 15.03.2023 via the website, an extended guarantee of an additional three years to a total of five years after purchase applies under the following conditions:

  • You must submit proof of purchase for a purchase via
  • The guarantee is for private use only. 
  • The guarantee applies to the product. It also applies if you give it as a gift. The recipient will benefit from the guarantee for the remainder of the guarantee period. Remember, however, that proof of purchase is required in order to claim under the guarantee. Therefore, give the recipient the proof of purchase.
  • If the products are altered in any way, the guarantee will be invalidated.
  • The guarantee is conditional on you using the product in accordance with all instructions provided by us.


The warranty and the extended guarantee are limited to the country in which you purchased the product.

The warranty and the extended guarantee do not apply to wear and tear, punctures or damage caused by improper use, modification or misuse. Furthermore, it does not apply to material fatigue resulting from age, use or environmental influences.

For ecological reasons, we first check whether a repair is possible, otherwise we will replace the product.

Important Alpha & Sigma Pot Voluntary Recall Information - HERE


Product purchased from a authorised Sea to Summit retailer (in store or online)

Our authorised outdoor retailers are our competent partners and your first point of contact. They can handle any complain as quickly as possible. Please contact the retailer and follow their complaint procedures. As a rule, the presentation of the purchase receipt is a prerequisite.

If there are unexpected complications, you can of course contact us and describe your complaint via the complaint form. Please note that you may be charged a service fee.


Product purchased from this website

If you purchased your Sea to Summit Product from this website, please follow the steps below:

  1. Please complete and submit the Warranty Claim Request Form below before returning the Product to us.
  2. Ensure that you provide your original proof of purchase. Claims that are not submitted with the original proof of purchase may not be covered by the product warranty unless we are required to do so under the German Consumer Law.
  3. If we request that you send us your Product (at your own cost) for assessment, please ensure that the Warranty Claim Request Form is completed first.
  4. All goods returned for assessment under our Warranty Policy must be clean and dry.
  5. If required under the German Consumer Law, we will refund you the cost of the postage to you provided that you submit a receipt for that postage cost.



We may need to assess your product to determine whether a repair, replacement or refund is appropriate. We are not liable for any returned item that is lost in transit. We recommend that Products be returned using a trackable method to confirm receipt of delivery. We do not refund or cover the cost of return postage on warranty claims unless obliged under the German Consumer Law.




The extended guarantee does not affect your consumer rights or any other legal rights.

In no case will the refund under the guarantee exceed the original purchase price of the product.

We are constantly striving to make improvements and may therefore change the design of our products from time to time. This guarantee does not obligate Sea to Summit to make such design changes to products already manufactured. Such changes are at Sea to Summit's discretion and cannot be construed as an admission that previous designs were defective.

The extended guarantee period begins on the date the customer purchases a product via (if the product is a gift, the extended guarantee period begins on the date the person who gave you the product purchased that product) and ends on the date that is 5 years after the date of purchase upon expiration of the total extended guarantee period stated on this page.

If the customer did not purchase their Sea to Summit product from us in our Online Shop, the warranty is limited to the statutory warranty period of 2 years from the date of purchase of the product. This applies in all cases subject to your statutory rights.

We will repair or replace a defective Product at our sole discretion provided that, within the applicable warranty period and within a reasonable time after you become aware that the Product does not conform to the applicable warranty set out above, you notify us in writing of that fact and we are given a reasonable opportunity to inspect the Product and find that it does not conform to the warranty set out.

In certain circumstances we may, at our sole discretion, decide to refund the price of the product. This will be based on the market value of the product at the time of refund, taking into account wear and tear and normal market depreciation.

We reserve the right to request that defective products be returned to us. In this case, we will pay the cost of return transport by normal means within the shipping area to which we originally delivered the product. We will also deliver a replacement product free of shipping charges to the original shipping address of the product.

If, after inspecting the returned product, we reasonably determine that there has been no breach of warranty, we will return the product at your expense.


Last update: 15.03.2023