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How To Build A Sleep System

Building a sleep system to fit your needs is the only way to get the perfect sleep. Comprised of a sleeping mat, bag, liner, and pillow, the combination of this gear will optimise your comfort, warmth and the versatility needed for any adventure.

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Choosing the Right BaseSleeping Mats

A sleeping mat is the foundation of your sleep system. Your sleeping mat's primary function is to provide a comfortable sleeping surface and insulate you from the cold ground — which can be a whole lot colder than the air around you.

We challenged every aspect of conventional wisdom when we created our award-winning lineup of innovative air and self-inflating mats. Because when it comes to a great night’s sleep you can’t rest on your reputation.



Extra Plush
Self-Inflating Sleeping Mats

Perfect for comfort focused campers who are willing to trade a little extra weight for added comfort, our self-inflating sleeping mats are easy to inflate and include plush foam to help you sleep through the night. The one-way inflate and deflate valve presents the mat from re-inflating as you roll it for storage.

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Lightweight + Packable
Air Sprung Cell Sleeping Mats

Light and compact, our air mats are the choice of any backpacking or camping adventurer looking to deliver the highest comfort with the lowest weight. Each mat is built with hundreds of air pockets for added stability, comfort and packability, not to mention the stuff sack includes a built-in pump sack so you can inflate them in 2-3 breaths.

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Comfort and warmthSleeping Bags

A quality sleeping bag is the heart of your sleep system and has the principal job of protecting you from losing body heat into the surrounding air. When choosing a sleeping bag you should consider the temperature and climate you'll be sleeping in and the desired weight and packability needed.

The type of adventure you're planning to bring your sleeping bag on will vastly change how you prioritise weight, packed size and fill type. If you are going on a thru hike, weight and packed size will be crucial. If you plan on a paddling trip, a synthetic bag that dries more quickly and can still insulate when wet should be your choice.

You may find that a quilt is the right choice so you can pair it with a sleeping bag during extra cold temperatures or use on its own when the nights are warm and you don't need a full sleeping bag.

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Best for wet climates
Synthetic Sleeping Bags

Less affected by moisture, synthetic sleeping bags are ideal for those adventuring in more wet climates or are simply looking for a more economic option. Our synthetic sleeping bags feature WaveLoft construction and our high-quality Thermolite® insulation that delivers a loftier and more durable construction for long lasting warmth. 

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Best for ultralight activities
Premium Down Sleeping Bags

Down offers the highest warmth to weight ratio which makes down sleeping bags the ideal option for ultralight adventures. Sea to Summit down sleeping bags are made from the highest quality materials including RDS-certified premium down, bluesign® certified fabrics and non-PFC finishes to deliver the highest performance on your many adventures.

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Warmth, Comfort and CleanlinessSleeping Bag Liners

When assembling your perfect sleep system, a sleeping bag liner forms the next-to-skin layer that adds versatility to the entire system. It can increase comfort, add warmth in cooler temperatures and wick moisture from your skin in warmer, more humid conditions.

Using a liner also significantly reduces the frequency with which you will need to wash your sleeping bag and therefore extend its life. Along with correct storage, this is the single simplest thing you can do to protect the investment you made in a quality sleeping bag. And – not needing to replace an item is the greatest contribution towards sustainability you can make.


Choosing the right sleeping bag liner

Best for Cooler Climates
Thermal Boosting Sleeping Bag Liners

The Reactor performance liners can add warmth to your sleep system in cool or cold conditions by trapping extra insulating air in the hollow-core fibers and infra red-absorbing pigments within the fabric. The new drawcord footbox available in many liner options also provides an extra layer of versatility allowing you to open or close the footbox to regulate temperature further for the optimal sleep. 

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Best for warmer climates
Moisture Wicking Sleeping Bag Liners

Our Breeze series of liners helps to wick moisture away from the skin effectively with its Coolmax fibers woven throughout. This wicking process reduces the clammy feeling you may get in warm or humid conditions, especially if you are using a sleeping bag that does not have the soft, breathable lining fabrics and ventilating zippers that are staples in most Sea to Summit sleeping bags. 

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Enhancing Your ComfortCamping Pillows

Whether you’re hiking through the Black Forest or tackling the highest mountains in the Alps, you don’t have to compromise on comfort with our wide range of ultralight, packable travel and camping pillows.

Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes for every adventure; our Foam Core pillows offer the luxurious feel and comfort of your favorite pillow at home or opt for ultralight and super packable inflatable Aeros pillows, when weight is a priority.

The Pillow Lock System secures your Aeros or Foam Core pillow to a Sea to Summit sleeping pad for a slip-free-sleep.

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Best for car camping
Foam Core Pillows

For camping and travel, the Foam Core Pillow offers that luxurious feel of your favorite pillow from home. The up-cycled foam from our self inflating mats.

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Best for backpacking
Aeros Inflatable Pillows

Ultralight comfort is what you need for the backcountry. The Aeros Ultralight or Premium pillow can be inflated in only a few breaths so you can sink into its comfortable contours more quickly. Once awake, it deflates even more quickly than you inflated it due to the multi-function value that helps get all the air out so you can stow it in the tiny, lightweight stuff sack.

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Free Flow Zip System
Free Flow Zip System
Our Free Flow triple-zip design ensures your sleeping bag retains maximum warmth and efficiency when needed and multiple ventilation options when it's not. The half-zip on one side of the bag provides freedom of movement for both arms, additional ventilation and allows the top third of the bag to be folded down as a mini quilt when sleeping in warmer temperatures.
Zip Coupling
Zip Coupling
Designed to pair side by side, each person sleeps in their own bag enabling each of you to take advantage of your bag's unique insulation zones, hood and footbox features - perfect for cosy adventures for two. Bags with full-length zips on both sides can also be coupled together with other pairing bags.
QuitLock™  System
QuitLock™ System
The QuiltLock™ system uses the snap locks located at the shoulder and foot end of Sea to Summit sleeping bags plus the quilt footbox / quilt straps to secure a quilt to the sleeping bag. This adds thermal performance and versatility to your sleep system: your integrated quilt now works for ultralight summer adventures and turns your three-season bag into a four-season sleep system.
Pillow Lock™ System
Pillow Lock™ System
The Pillow Lock™ System comprises of self-adhesive hook-and-loop patches which are supplied with all Sea to Summit sleeping mats. Attached to your sleeping mat, these patches secure your pillow and prevent it slipping – yet they will not snag on clothing or other lightweight fabrics.

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